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What is FrostyCool?

What is FrostyCool ?

  • FrostyCool refrigerants are environmentally safe hydrocarbon refrigerants. FrostyCool Refrigerants have zero ozone-depletion-potential (ODP) and a negligible global-warming-potential (GWP), which makes FrostyCool Refrigerants one of the most environmentally sound refrigerants on earth.


Does FrostyCool Require Retrofitting?

  • FrosyCool Refrigerant is completely compatible with all the materials and oils (mineral or synthetic) in systems. 


How Efficient is FrostyCool?

  • FrostyCool Refrigerants are extremely efficient when compared to other refrigerants. Savings of up to 30% have been recorded over existing refrigerants. This means less wear on your refrigeration system, substantial energy savings, and reduced operating costs.


How is FrostyCool Installed?

  • FrostyCool Refrigerants can be installed in most cases using existing gauges and equipment. Refrigeration systems are charged in the same manner used with the refrigerant being replaced. FrostyCool is completely compatible with the synthetic oil used with HFC-134a and the organic oils in retrofitted CFC-12 systems. No flushing or oil changes are required.


Does FrostyCool Offer Other Benefits?

  • FrostyCool Refrigerants, unlike some other refrigerants, will not become caustic when exposed to moisture or oxygen and is therefore not corrosive to the aluminum parts in today's systems.


  • FrostyCool refrigerants operate at lower head pressures and require less energy than many of the conventional refrigerants in use, these lower head pressures result in increased compressor life and reduced operating costs.


  • FrostyCool refrigerants exhibit superior solubility resulting in improved lubrication over most other refrigerants.



Is FrostyCool Guaranteed?

  • FrostyCool Refrigerants are guaranteed to perform as an efficient refrigerant in air conditioning systems.  FrostyCool Refrigerants are guaranteed not to harm system components or any other related equipment if installed and used according to manufacturers directions.  


In the United States only, FrostyCool 22a is sold as a second generation replacement for R407c, R404a, and MO99.  

Outside the United States, FrostyCool 22a is sold as an R22 replacement.

Not for use in R410a Systems. 


Still Have Questions? 

30% Energy Savings

FrostyCool Refrigerants are proven energy savers and reductions in energy use of up to 30% have been recorded.

Safe and Reliable

FrostyCool refrigerants are natural organic refrigerants which do not become caustic should they combine with moisture. They are non-carcinogenic and are safe to use when manufacturer’s instructions are followed.

Quality Assurance

Quality and refrigerant purity sets FrostyCool apart and above the rest . FrostyCool Refrigerants, are blended to exacting specifications.
Raw materials utilized in the manufacturing of our refrigerants both approach and surpass pharmaceutical grade requirements. Where possible we only purchase from ISO certified vendors
FrostyCool Refrigerant meets international standards such as—ISO 5149, BS 4434-1995, AS/NZS 1677 and ASHRAE 5149.