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Duracool R290 Refrigerant Recharge Kit 59.95 + 27.95 Hazmat

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Product Description


    Each 8oz can is the equivalent of 20oz of R22.

    This kit includes everything you need to recharge a standard window unit that had R22 or an R22 replacement refrigerant in it. There are 2 cans of R290 and a can tap with gauge along with adapters, goggles, oil analyzer, a thermometer and instructions. This refrigerant is non global warming - it does not contain ingredients that cause ozone depletion.

    R290 operates at lower head pressures and offers colder air and improved performance compared to R22. This refrigerant will extend the life of a system because of the lower head pressures. R290 refrigerant requires approximately 1/3 the amount of the original charge in the system and must be charged as a liquid.

    R290 Refrigerant contains an Orange Scent which aids in leak detection and is officially marketed and sold worldwide as a direct replacement for R22 except for in the United States where regulations prohibit officially marketing it as such. R290 is flammable and shouldn't be brought into contact with a flame.

    ***Not for use in R410a systems or automotive systems (unless you have a widow a/c mounted in a van or unless it is going in an RV roof mounted a/c)
  • EPA approved R290 for use as per EPA regulations 40 CFR Part 82.1
  • Designed for use in refrigeration units calling for R290
  • May be used in domestic refrigerators, freezers, dehumidfiers and window ac units
  • Also used in industrial applications: ice machines, grocery stores freezers, refrigerators, restaurant equipment, wine coolers, beer kegs, soda machines, drinking fountains, etc.
  • This product is flammable and you must use caution when installing this product.
  • This product is flammable to open flame or spark and is not intended for use in systems designed for non-flammable refrigerants.


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