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A/C Oil Chill™ with OEM approved U/V Leak Detection Dye - 34oz. 1 liter (3x Bottles)

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Product Description

A/C Oil Chill™ with OEM approved U/V Leak Detection Dye

3 x 34oz Bottles

A/C Oil Chill is the only Mobile Air-Conditioning Lubricant you need ! Many A/C Lubricants will absorb up to 40% of their weight in moisture, moisture in the system is one of the leading cause of A/C Failures.
A/C Oil Chill will reduce compressor noise, reduce compressor operating temperatures and improve heat transfer in the evaporator and condenser resulting in a decreased vent temperature. The result is colder air blowing from the vents and less load on the system.

A/C Oil Chill™ will not absorb moisture and has a low miscibility, low miscibility means that more oil stays in the compressor where it's needed.

A/C Oil Chill™ has superior high temperature performance and a high degree of oxidation resistance.

A/C Oil Chill™ is the only oil you need for all mobile Air-Conditioning systems. For "Top-Up" or "Fill-Ups"  A/C Oil Chill™ is the only logical choice.

A/C Oil Chill™ is available in 4 oz. charging cans, 8 oz. and 1 liter bottles and is the perfect companion for existing systems or compressor replacements.

The OEM approved U/V leak detection dye will aid in pinpointing even the smallest system leak. Recent testing has shown that a combination of  502a refrigerant and  A/C Oil Chill™ has resulted in over a 45 degree F reduction of compressor body operating temperatures in commercial reefer applications.

A/C Oil Chill™ may be used safely in most air-conditioning systems. (FrostyCool12a®, FrostyCool 22a®, FrostyCool 502a®, CFC-12, R-134a, R-22, and R-502.)

Using  A/C Oil Chill™ can not void a Manufactures warranty.

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