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Who is using Hydrocarbons?

Hydrocarbon Refrigerants have been growing in popularity over the past years.  They have been recognized as a environmentally sound and viable and energy efficient refrigerant.  More and more companies are embracing Hydrocarbon Refrigerants as we move into the future. 

Mac Donald’s, The Coca Company, LG, General Electric and Unilever to name just a few have embraced Hydrocarbon Refrigerant technology and are benefiting from lower operating costs.

Both LG and General Electric are producing over
11,000 refrigerators per day  which operate with Hydrocarbon Refrigerants. Ben and  Jerry’s has made the switch to this technology for their Ice Cream Freezers following their E.P.A Petition approval in December 2011.

in Europe, Hydrocarbon Refrigerant  freezers are already in widespread use, including many that contain Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

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Isn’t it time you made the switch ?