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FrostyCool 134a Cylinder

Follow all FrostyCool 134a safety precautions before initiating charging process.
1) Shut off compressor.
2) Connect gauges & hoses with compressor off.
3) To install product, INVERT cylinder & Charge as liquid.
4) After a minimum charge, test system for leaks.  If no leak is detected, turn compressor on high, and add additional product as needed.
6) This product is flammable with open flame and should be leak tested with an electronic hydrocarbon leak tester or soap bubbles.
7) If pressure and temperature are correct, shut off compressor, disconnect gauges; install service port caps and install system label in a clearly visible area.
8) For overcharged or leaking systems, evacuate into a suitable container and restart charging procedure.  Discard empty can according to all rules and regulations for disposal in your area.
  DO NOT OVERCHARGE! Exceeding 60 psig on low side may damage compressor.  In some cases clearing the site glass overcharges the system. Overcharging the system may effect cooling ability & performance.

FrostyCool 134a / 12a Weight / Pressure Charts